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About Isabelle Pozzi's artwork:

  • Do I have to buy a frame for my Isabelle Pozzi artwork ?

  • Are the artworks protected from humidity and light ?

  • What are the limitations on the prints ?

  • What proves to me the authenticity of the work ?

Ordering on

  • I want to order online but I do not want to pay with a credit card, is it possible? 

  • Can I pay with my credit card without risk ? Are the transactions secured?

  • When will my order be expedited ?

  • I wish to have the delivery made to an address other than my domicile, is it possible?

  • What are the transit times for deliveries ?

  • What are the shipping fees ?

After purchasing:

  • I need a bill for my order, what should I do ?

  • Can I find out where my order is during delivery ?

  • I have a problem with the artwork that I ordered on, what should I do ?


  • If you have other questions...

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